My life took an unexpected turn about a half a year ago, and consequently I have not been able to work properly. Here is the first update in months.

First  I would like to inform that Westaman is going on tour in October. Set of week 42, we are coming to place near you.

I have spent a lot of time exploring and learning Sibelius, just to conclude it is not expedient for me or my project. Then I learned the notation part in Logic X, a software I know very well except for the score editor. Logic Score Editor has it’s limitations. The conclusion is if I need scores, then I will get help from an expert. Furthermore I will be able to focus on producing ideas and music. For the moment I am working with a clarinetist on a piece for guitar electronics and clarinet. Together we are trying different ideas on how to make the piece work, all based on a draft I managed to write in Logic X.

Last week was intense assembling compositions and sketches I want to develop further. I had enriching consultations with the producers Jan Bang and Hallvard Hagen, where we pointed out directions and ideas for further development.

Stay tuned for more.