Bjorn Charles Dreyer


Born in New York on September 18th, 1968. Lived in Norway since 1975.

Studied music at Agder Music Conservatorium, at the University of Agder and the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Been working as a freelance musician for more than twenty years.


During these years Bjorn participated on more than 150 released albums either as a freelance guitarist or as an artist or a producer (see discography). He also founded the group Boschamaz together with Erland Dahlen and the duo released two albums, This is not Sweden 2007 and Rød in 2011, both on Hecca Records.


Besides freelancing he also gained interest in sound art and soundscape composition along with the partiality towards the archipelago and industrial shipping history of Mandal, where he grew up. This resulted in the project called Piston Ltd, which was based upon the sound of the boat engine called Marna Motor. Piston Ltd released the album Domestic Engine (HECREC 103) in 2007.

Piston Ltd

In the wake of “Piston Ltd”s 2009 piece Domestic Engine for 4 musicians and an engine (the Marna), follows the project Westaman. Originally initiated by Sigbjørn Nedland. He challenged the musicians to compose a new piece focusing on a special high speed catamaran and its cultural significance; that of the Westamaran. Bjørn Charles Dreyer together with Erland Dahlen and Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen to set to work, fascinated by the sound of the boat, the maritime environs all over the world, especially the one of the South Coast of Norway,


The history of the Westamaran – an innovative work of engineering and a rather popular high speed boat – starts locally in Bjørn Charles Dreyers backyard Mandal, but found use all up the Norwegian coastline. Eventually by the late ´70s and early ´80s the Westamaran had been exported globally, and the musicians – interested in its global reach – tracked down a particular one that ended up off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Local East-African musicians like Mohammed Issa Matona and Anania Ngoriga logically contributes on this musical piece, which meshes together influences of maritime culture, industrial history, wildly ranging musical background and the love of pure sound.